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Alphabet Soup

At the recent Christie antique (translate junk & stuff) sale near Flamboro, I bought a bunch of red letters. At the time it seemed urgent that I owned these things. Tuffy P has 3 of them (ESP) leaning up against the skirt of our deck.… Read More

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Gardening weekend

I worked in the front garden all day yesterday and in the back garden today. I confess I’m a little sore all over. The garden, however, is looking good. The honeysuckle is happily climbing up the shovel. Soon I’ll have to figure out a way… Read More

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A garden surprise

Last year at this time, I picked a bag of ramps from a lovely forest, a forest that is being edged out of existence by housing developments. There are a lot of ramps in there, but for how long, who knows. Instead of eating all… Read More