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This Wheel’s on Fire

I just finished reading Levon Helm’s 1993 memoir, This Wheel’s on Fire. I had heard about it, heard the book was infused with his bitterness toward Robbie Robertson. Tuffy P ordered up a copy online the other day and I gobbled it up. I don’t… Read More

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Songs about Mining

The other day I posted a version of Sixteen Tons performed by Manitoba Hal. Here’s another song about coal mining by Merle Travis, beautifully performed by The Country Gentlemen. The Mountain by Steve Earle is another tune related to coal mining. Here it is performed… Read More

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Ain’t in it for my Health

We watched Ain’t in it for my Health tonight, the documentary about Levon Helm, directed by Jacob Hatley. It’s a lovely, intimate look at Levon Helm in the midst of his late career resurgence, spawned by two great recordings, Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt. His… Read More

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In the last couple days I’ve been reading many articles about Levon Helm, who is gravely ill with cancer. I love Levon’s music. When I heard first heard Dirt Farmer, I played the CD in my car over and over and over. It was perfect.… Read More

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I just heard on the radio that Justin Bieber has his own line of fragrances. I told Tuffy P about it, suggesting that The Beebs has a little lab in a trailer he takes with him everywhere, and after performances, he goes back there and… Read More

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Ramble on the Road

Levon Helm and Lucinda Williams at Massey Hall We enjoyed a serious dose of Americana at Massey Hall last night. Lucinda Williams stepped onstage shortly after 8:00 with 3-piece outfit that came ready to rock. Ms. Williams was in fine form as she treated the… Read More