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Early morning foraging

I wanted to get out to the enchanted mushroom forest this weekend but the only opportunity was going to be an early and quick trip out this morning, so I hit the road at dawn. I’m glad I did because the forest was fairly generous… Read More

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Don’t eat these mushrooms

Several Amanita chipbowlius have appeared in the front garden. You can see that this one came up among some young sorel plants. The distinctive “chip bowl” mushroom often gravitates toward herbs in the garden. They are easy to identify – woody stalks and broad caps… Read More

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Best mushroom field guide?

Somebody landed on this blog today after searching “best mushroom field guide for Ontario”.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before. I use two. They are the Audubon guide by Gary Lincoff and Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada by George Barron. They’re organized… Read More

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I headed out early this morning in search of some morels.  I first visited a spot that has been reliable for me in the past, but didn’t find a single morel. I was disappointed because I have heard reports of some finds in our area… Read More