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Uneven Ground

I had planned to enjoy many nature walks through the bird migration season this year, but the acute quad tendon tear in my right knee put a stop to that idea. I had to wear a knee splint for 8 weeks and since I’ve been… Read More

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Spotted Jewelweed

This morning I enjoyed a stroll along the Humber River. There was Spotted Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) in bloom along many of the paths. I love these little flowers, delicate golden yellow blooms decorated with bits of fiery red.

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Lambton Woods

I enjoyed a solo walk this morning at Lambton Woods. This is a set of trails along the Humber River, accessed from the James Gardens parking lot. I was surprised to see some snow persisting in a few spots, and the trail was a bit… Read More

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Humber Bay Nature Walk

Today’s nature walk with Miles Hearn was at Humber Bay, a treasure in our bustling city. There were lots of birds around this morning in a light drizzle – we saw and identified 31 species, including a rufous-sided towhee (isn’t that a great name?) and… Read More

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Claireville Conservation Area

I drove up to Claireville Conservation Area this morning to enjoy a good long walk on this most excellent day. Saw tree swallows, blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, cardinals, robins, house sparrows, song sparrows, red-winged black birds, grackles, a murder of crows and many goldfinch.