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Be Afraid

I read today that Facebook is introducing an advertising approach called sponsored stories, in which comments you post about products and services could be repurposed into ads for those products and services and shown to your “friends”. Here’s my question to all you Facebook users… Read More

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The Eagle has Landed?

Torontonians have been following the progress of 6 giant beer vats as they have inched their way from Hamilton Harbour to the Molson’s plant near Pearson airport in a convoy of 40 vehicles. These vats are so big that crews have had to remove traffic… Read More

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Have you noticed…

…that the line between news and entertainment and now even celebrity gossip has disappeared? There was a time when news was news. Then newscasts started adding entertainment features, separated from the news proper but still within the confines of a newscast. Now it seems all… Read More

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Is this silly?

I’m sure most readers of my generation are more than familiar with the 70s rock ‘n rollers BTO or Bachman Turner Overdrive.  Some of course will also remember Randy Bachman’s role in The Guess Who. Some younger readers may only know Randy Bachman from his… Read More