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Who Stole the Kishka?

I’ve been teaching my button accordion student a little polka called the Bertha Polka and I wanted him to get a feel for some of the different approaches to attacking a polka, so we took a few minutes to surf around YouTube listening to some… Read More

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Americas Polka Sweethearts

I’ve been enjoying listening to Chemnitzer concertina music lately and that led me to Wanda and Stephanie, who were a mother-daughter team known as America’s Polka Sweethearts. They were polka performers but in the polka world that is broken down into styles. The style Wanda… Read More

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Johnny’s Knockin’

It’s Friday night and I could use a polka about now. How about you? Here’s a video I’ve posted before but it’s so good I just can’t resist posting it again. It features Li’l Wally live on the Lawrence Welk show, playing concertina and singing… Read More

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Concertina Time

For your Daily Dose today, I’m prescribing a double shot of Chemnitzer Concertina. I don’t know anything at all about this pair of players. The video was uploaded by a fellow who goes by the handle fleetingdays. He also has quite a number of videos… Read More

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Concertina Time

Enjoy some videos about a very special instrument. You don’t see these in your average pop band. More likely you will see a Chemnitzer Concertina player lead a Chicago style polka band, along with bellows-shaking accordion, bass, drums, and a pair of trumpets. Here’s a… Read More