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Ramona Jones RIP

Ramona Jones, who for many years worked with her husband, the late Grandpa Jones, was a really great old time musician. I just read in this excellent obit that she passed this week at 91. RIP. Let’s listen to Ramona singing There’s Better Times a… Read More

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Ornette Coleman RIP

I was saddened to hear today of the passing of Ornette Coleman. He was 85, and he had a great run. He created a fantastic body of music, governed by a tremendously strong personal vision, pushing the boundaries of his genre. I didn’t grow up… Read More

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Jesse Winchester RIP

Sad to hear of the passing of singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester. RIP. We had the pleasure of attending one of his wonderful performances at Hugh’s Room here in Toronto a few years back. He sure had a way with a song.

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Peter Appleyard RIP

I heard today that Peter Appleyard died, at 84. Do you know his work? He was a great vibraphone player who lived and played in the Toronto area for many years. Here’s another video I’ve shared before in which Mr. Appleyard has an opportunity to… Read More

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Always Be Closing

Our cat Rossi died today. He had a stroke or maybe strokes about a year ago and since he’s been living with seizures that have become increasingly severe with the passing of days. He was a good cat, grumpy, independent and yet in a strange… Read More