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Clive D’Oliveira RIP

Clive D’Oliveira passed away early this morning, from cancer. He was just shy of his 64th birthday. Clive was a rigorous and thoughtful painter and an old friend we’ve known for many years. I think we met him back in the day because we had a mutual painter friend, John Howlin. Clive was part of a large group exhibition Sheila and I and Scott Childs worked on organizing back in 1995, called Strachan Project, and again in Big Show a decade later.

Clive (left) with fellow artists Claude Breeze and Tim Noonan

Clive was a man of strong opinions and he wasn’t shy about telling you the straight goods as he saw them. I always enjoyed chit-chatting about art and the art world with him.

Archeton #6

I long admired Clive’s work and his approach to painting, in part because it was so different from my own. I liked that he worked in series, that he did careful studies for his larger paintings, and that he explored his ideas thoroughly before moving on.

Rest in peace my friend.

Hollow Cube – Blanco

If you’re interested in seeing more of Clive’s work, many of his paintings are represented on his website.


  1. Laura

    I met and knew Clive briefly in 2013 through his long-time girlfriend Lisa. We all shared a Thanksgiving meal together that year. He left a good impression on me. I remember his voice. You’re definitely right about the strong opinions thing! May your old friend’s soul rest in peace and those who loved him find comfort in sweet memories ❤

  2. Ross Reynolds

    Very sad to hear. Clive and I first met in grade 9 art class, he left the following year to pursue art at Northern. We connected years later when I worked at Stevenson’s and Clive came for paint supplies. I always considered him a colourist, a talent departed too soon.

  3. Anonymous

    What a perfect tribute/remembrance for Clive. Thank you.

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