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Dinner at the Anchovy’s

Fresh Swiss chard

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Consider the situation. This morning, I found an abundance of tasty edible wild mushrooms. Recently, my brother Salvelinas gave me some shallots and garlic from his garden and they are most fantastic (if you think you grow even better shallots and garlic and you would like me to test them just to see if they are as good as this batch, I’d be happy to do so). Our neighbour across the street gave us some great Swiss Chard. And today, Tuffy P came home with some Ontario sweet corn.

I started with a cast iron pan and some good olive oil. When the oil was hot, I added in shallots and garlic and mushrooms and started them cooking. It happens I also have some awesome villager sausage in the fridge so I sliced some up and added it to the pan. Then corn and swiss chard and I cooked it all together. I added salt and pepper and finally a splash of Malaysian garlic hot sauce. Wow, what a tasty dinner!

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