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Dinner at the Anchovy’s

Consider the situation. This morning, I found an abundance of tasty edible wild mushrooms. Recently, my brother Salvelinas gave me some shallots and garlic from his garden and they are most fantastic (if you think you grow even better shallots and garlic and you would… Read More

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I laid today’s bounty out on a table on the deck. There are some different species of boletes, two types of chanterelles, hedgehogs, and lobsters. I gave away quite a few, I have a lot in the dehydrator, and I made some soup tonight. The… Read More

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Dinner at the Anchovy’s

We have some company for dinner tomorrow night. Here’s what we’re planning to make. This is a variation of the Shrimp and Redfish Courtbouillon recipe in The Encyclopedia of Cajun and Creole Cuisine by Chef John D. Folse. It’s a variation because I don’t have… Read More