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Falling Apart

I found this massive bolete and decided to bring it back to the cabin for identification. After carrying it around all day, when I got back to the cabin and took the mushrooms from my basket, this one not only had crushed a few others, it also fell apart under its own weight when I tried to lift it up. This one presented a challenge for identification because it was an old specimen and I didn’t have any young specimens of the same type to see what happened to the pore colour as the mushroom aged. As well, taste is part of bolete identification and I wasn’t going to chew on something that was disintegrating in front of me (would you?).  I don’t think there’s enough info to go on to ID this one, at least not with my level of experience. Maybe it’s one of the Tylopilus (?) If there are any experts out there who would like to weigh in, please do. I found it in mixed forest with hemlock, white pine, maple and maybe some other stuff in the immediate area.

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