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Answering a Search Question

Somebody landed on my blog after searching “How do I cook Hydnum repandum wild mushrooms?”

Hydnum repandum is one of the two mushroom species we commonly call the Hedgehog mushroom. It has teeth rather than gills or pores. First let me say, never eat any wild mushroom you can’t identify 100% correctly. Hedgehogs are firm and delicious mushrooms that are similar to chanterelles in both texture and taste. You can cook them any number of ways. Simply frying them up in part butter and part oil is just fine. Try them on toast! As with any wild mushroom, be sure to cook them well.

Hedgehogs are among our tastiest mushrooms. When I find them, I feature them, rather than mix them with a lot of stuff in soups and stews. There are plenty of less interesting mushrooms to toss in the pot. However, on those days when I find quite a lot of them, I dry some in my dehydrator. They dry up and reconstitute quite well.


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