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Bad Reaction

Someone found my blog by searching “had a bad reaction from eating chanterelles”, and I thought this deserved a comment.

Chanterelles are by all accounts one of the safest edible wild mushrooms. However, some people suffer allergic reactions to all wild mushrooms. My first question is on the identification. Are you sure you’ve picked what you think you’ve picked? Chanterelles are fairly distinctive but there are look-alikes. Be sure. If you’re 100% sure of your identification but you’ve never eaten a particular type of wild mushroom before, cook up a small sample, try it and wait and see if you have any adverse reactions. Better to test your reaction with a small amount than to have a big meal and pay dearly later. Finally, be sure to cook all wild mushrooms very well. I don’t eat any wild mushrooms raw. To start with, I may be able to identify a handful of wild mushrooms but that doesn’t mean I can identify everything those mushrooms have been exposed to. Also, certain mushrooms are safe well cooked but are sickeners raw


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Chanterelles are pretty safe except for those who suffer what I call peanut butter syndrome. Almost no one would consider peanut butter poisonous yet many people are allergic and die each year from eating the stuff. Same for strawberries. Generally each species of mushroom needs to be treated as if it were a whole new food hence the advice to just eat a bit the first time to make sure that particular species isnt your peanut butter. If I had to bet though I would come down on the side of misidentification. Chanterelles are a summer mushroom and in the vast majority of North America (and likely the planet as well) this is not the right season for them.

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