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Pirate Radio

I didn’t see Pirate Radio when it was on the big screen, but enjoyed watching it with Tuffy P tonight on DVD. It’s an enjoyable romp with a good mid-60s soundtrack, set on a pirate radio ship off the British coast in the 1960s. It’s a lightweight and charming treatment of an excellent premise for a film. Very entertaining.

I’ve often thought it would be fun to do a radio show. In my case of course it would be a show with about half a dozen listeners, but such is life. My vision for Mister Anchovy Radio is very eclectic. I’d have shows featuring all kinds of genres of music, interviews, call-in (all six listeners could call), live music in the studio, and even an occasional rant.


  1. SME

    Maybe a podcast? You could “broadcast” anywhere and they’d never find you, mwhahaha. Not that anyone would be hunting for you; accordian music is only illegal in a few places.

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