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Canjo next steps


This is a little paper jig I made to mark my drill holes on the neck and on the piece of maple I’m using as a dowel stick.

DSC01776You can see that I’ve drawn the placement of the neck on the can and marked the stick for drilling.

DSC01777I drilled the holes in the neck for the dowels.

DSC01778I glued the two dowels into the maple stick.

DSC01780…then joined the stick to the neck using Gorilla Glue and the dowels.

DSC01783I created a the hole in the can with a slot-head screwdriver and a mallet. I cut an X within the measured rectangle and bent the 4 sides down. I’ve tested the hole size with a spare piece of maple and it is just right. I’m going to let my glue dry and start making some soup for dinner. Tomorrow, I’ll try to establish the right angle for the neck, make the tailpiece and complete the assembly. I picked up some light gauge steel banjo strings today, so once assembly is complete I can string it up. It may take a bit of trial and error to establish just the right neck angle. Because I’m using 1X2 as a dowel stick, I’ll be able to create two points of contact on the tail for added stability.


  1. This is really starting to come together. From your excellent step by step instructions, I almost feel as though I could make one.

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