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Grilled Chicken with Chanterelles

I was asked today how I cooked the chanterelles I found on the weekend. Here is what I did. I fired up the bbq (I burn charcoal), and grilled a couple chicken breasts. Nothing fancy here. I used one of my standard bbq rubs – a spicy one – and simply grilled the chicken until it was almost done. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I started frying up my chanterelles – loads of them – in a wok with a little vegetable oil and some chopped up shallots and a wee pinch of salt. After a few minutes I added some zucchini halved and cut in roughly 1 inch pieces. I let this all cook until the mushrooms were almost done, then chopped up my bbq chicken into pieces the same size as the zucchini and tossed it in. I let it all cook together for a few minutes, added plenty of fresh ground pepper and there you have it.  Spicy grilled chicken with chanterelles and courgettes.

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