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I don’t recall how I found out about Stranglehold by Robert Rotenberg. Maybe I heard an interview with the author or read a review. I do know that whatever it was caused me to write down “Read Stranglehold Robert Rotenberg Toronto mystery” in my trusty notebook. I came across that notation last week and read the book over the weekend.

Rotenberg writes mystery thriller type books based in Toronto. It was fun reading a book set in my city for a change. Rotenberg quotes Robert Traver from Anatomy of a Murder early on in the book:  “Despite all the rules and objections and soft illusions of decorum, a trial was after all a savage and primative battle for survival itself.”  It’s an apt quote as much of the book focuses on a trial. With that quote, Rotenberg places himself in some heady company. Stranglehold is not in the same league as Anatomy of a Murder, which is among my favourite books in any genre. It’s good though, very good.

I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, and I thought the characters were drawn out well and believable. As well, I enjoyed the way the book was firmly placed in a Toronto context. It’s a fun read and it’s a page-turner. I was on a long bus ride Saturday and Stranglehold was just what the doctor ordered. I’ll get around to reading the others in the series down the road.

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