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The Bottle & Can

Here’s another short-short story I wrote. Like Star Beauty it’s part of a group of stories I’m working on I call the Lazy Allen Stories. I don’t really know what to do with these stories, so for now I’m simply going to try to write… Read More

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Star Beauty

For a long time, ok for years, I’ve been messing about with a novel. It was going to be called No Beer in Heaven. I had a lot of parts to it, in my mind a lot of pretty good parts, but it wasn’t coming… Read More

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The Outlander

Our neighbours M & D left a care package in the mailbox – a pair of novels. I started into the first one the other day – Gil Adamson’s first novel, The Outlander. It turns out this is a page-turner, and it pulled me right… Read More

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Fiction on Ello

I’ve been messing about with a bit of fiction for some time, since approximately the dawn of the last ice age. One day I hope to finish it. The story is set in 1982 in Toronto. The narrator is Lazarus Allen, but we just call… Read More

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I don’t recall how I found out about Stranglehold by Robert Rotenberg. Maybe I heard an interview with the author or read a review. I do know that whatever it was caused me to write down “Read Stranglehold Robert Rotenberg Toronto mystery” in my trusty… Read More

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Here’s a little excerpt from something I’ve been writing. Let’s call it a retirement project because by the time I’m finished it I’ll be retired, that’s how slow it’s going. I guess eventually it’s going to be a novel. I’ve learned that I write fiction… Read More