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The Cuckoo (or The Coo Coo)

Those of you who saw my last painting exhibition may remember a painting called The Cuckoo and another called She Warbles as She Flies…

The Cuckoo 2014.jpg

The Cuckoo

She Warbles as she Flies 2015.jpg

She Warbles as she Flies

The titles of those paintings come from a song often played in the clawhammer banjo style. We think of it as an Appalachian tune because of the seminal recording by Clarence Ashley, but I understand it’s actually an English folk tune.

Here’s Clarence Ashley…

…and here’s another performance of it I really like by Johannes Bonefaas, a fellow known for his banjo-making.

I believe my painting, The Cuckoo is still available. Contact Yumart Gallery.

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