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Do you call them Saskatoons or Serviceberries? Either way they’re delicious. We have a bush in the front garden and today was my first berry-picking of the season. Judging from the number of berries on the bush, I’d say I’ll get at about 2 weeks of picking the ripe ones each day.

If you’re thinking of growing some berries, I can tell you that these plants are fast-growing and require little to no care. They seem to like growing anywhere you plant them and they produce loads of berries.

We also have blackberries out back and we’re going to get a good batch of them this year as well – after the Saskatoons are done. Saskatoons are great as a snack, with cereal, in baking, whatever you like. I read that some varieties are better for eating than others, but I read that after planting the one out front, which happens to produce great fruit.

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  1. vintageclark

    Lucky you! We grew up with parks and campgrounds filled with Saskatoon berry trees and we have, since moving to TO, found another source about 10 years ago in a nearby park! We had our fill of deliche Saskatoon Berry jam compliments of Costco, of all places, for a few years around 2015–shared by our friends who were members!

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