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Good bug bad bug

This post has background music. Lanquidity by Sun Ra and the Arkestra. I pulled into the Indian River Campground with the duel idea of fishing the river and checking out the campground, with an eye to setting up camp there for a couple days. It… Read More

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What a perfect day for a walk in the woods. My friend Tiffanie had mentioned quite a while ago that she’d like to pick fiddleheads. Since I know where to find some and since ’tis the season, I suggested we go pick a good bag… Read More

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Where do?

Somebody landed on this blog after searching, “where do lobster mushrooms grow in Ontario?” The answer is, in the Enchanted Mushroom Forest, that’s where. Curiously, I find more lobster mushrooms in the forests I forage than any other single species, and yet I some people… Read More

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1 chanterelle

After all the rain, I expected to collect buckets of tasty edible wild mushrooms today. Arriving at my first spot, I discovered to my dismay that the local bureaucrats had declared the only reasonable access to the forest to be NO PARKING. On the other… Read More