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Stem Cells for Dogs?

The Toronto Star published an article yesterday about a 7 year old Newfoundland dog getting stem cell therapy with apparent success. Check out the article. Lexi is the first dog to have stem cell treatments entirely in Canada.

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A Strange Study

Here’s an odd story out of Montreal that caught my eye. Results from a McGill University study, released yesterday, suggest that people -men, anyways -become less aggressive at the sight of meat. The research was conducted with 82 male subjects who were asked to inflict… Read More

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Have you noticed…

…that the line between news and entertainment and now even celebrity gossip has disappeared? There was a time when news was news. Then newscasts started adding entertainment features, separated from the news proper but still within the confines of a newscast. Now it seems all… Read More

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Almost there…

I guess the eyes of the world have been on the rescue of those miners in Chile. What an amazing story. As I write this 23 of the men are out and the operation is continuing. Hopefully the rescue will continue successfully until all those… Read More

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Bears used to guard grow op?

Here’s the bizarre story of the day. Apparently 14 well-fed bears were used to guard a marijuana plantation in BC. Har! A single bear is all it would take to keep me away. Thanks to Salvelinas for sending this one to me.

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Grizzly Attack in Yellowstone

I’ve been to Yellowstone and to grizzly country in other areas many times, and I will admit there have been occasions when I’ve felt like I’m being watched. Grizzly attacks fortunately don’t happen very often and this London Ontario woman is lucky to have survived… Read More

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In the Neighbourhood

Yesterday some guy had dinner in the Swiss Chalet just up the road from here on Queensway. After dinner, he apparently showed the waitress a gun and a note requesting that the restaurant be evacuated. He allegedly held the manager there for a few hours… Read More