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Blind but Now I See

Blind but Now I See is Kent Gustavson’s biorgraphy of the late Doc Watson. When I read about this book I was very much looking forward to it because I’ve been listening to and enjoying Doc Watson’s music for many years. I think my introduction… Read More

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Hurdy Gurdy time at 27th Street

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any hurdy gurdy music here. Time to change all that. Here’s Matthias Loibner… If it seems like a confusion and complicated instrument, that’s because it is. Here’s a great demonstration of how these beasts work.. How about a… Read More

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Folk music and originality

In folk music, it’s expected that songs get retreaded in all kinds of ways. Melodies get recycled with different lyrics, and similar bits of lyrics find their way into a host of different tunes. How many tunes share “six white horses in a line” or… Read More

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Old Time vs old time

The musical focus of this blog has shifted somewhat this year. Although it has long reflected my general interest in what I jokingly call folky-dolky music, I had been focusing on the button accordion, because that is the instrument I was playing. Somehow or another… Read More

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Happy Canada Day

Let’s celebrate Canada Day by listening to a selection of Canadian folk music. I’d like to start with a tune I’ve posted before (not this again, I’m sure you’re thinking). It’s Ward Allen from the Ottawa Valley performing his masterpiece, Maple Sugar. Don’t worry, just… Read More

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Needle Case

I thought I knew a lot of old time fiddle tunes. After all, I’ve been listening to folk music for a very long time. Lately though, I’ve been listening to the music in a different way, since I’m trying to learn to bash out a… Read More

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The Can

I’ve started messing about with my home-made oil can banjo, which here-to-for I will simply refer to as The Can. Although I’m convinced it will be easier when I’ve grown my nails out a bit more, I’m starting (and I mean just starting) to be… Read More