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Scouting Mission

In the spring, the first tasty edible mushrooms to appear in Southern Ontario are morels in May. Those are followed at roughly the beginning of June with oyster mushrooms, and then we don’t see anything much happening on the edible mushroom front for some time.… Read More

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The Morel of the Story

I started foraging for mushrooms last year, sometime after morel season, so this will be the first year I’ll be out there looking for those strange brain-like mushrooms. Yesterday after work, I took the dogs out for a little field trip to see if perhaps… Read More

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There are two basic types of mushrooms hunters – those who collect mushrooms for dinner and those who collect for pure study. It kind of reminds me of fly fishing, where there are catch and release fly fishermen and there are bank-napping bait plonkers. As… Read More

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Who’s Zooming Who?

As many of you know, yesterday I was on a field trip for the class I’m taking in mushroom identification, Lords of the Dark Earth. It was quite a day. One of the things I’ve been learning is that mushrooms exist in really interesting relationships… Read More