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Look what I found…

I drove a couple hours north of the city early this morning in search of some brook trout in a particularly gorgeous and challenging trout stream I know.  As a bonus I found a few edible mushrooms.  These are “milk caps” or Lactarius mushrooms. When… Read More

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What big teeth you have…

Here you can see the underside of a couple of the Hydnum repandum I found this morning. As you can see, these hedgehog mushrooms have teeth. Some people remove the teeth before cooking, but I don’t see any need to do that.

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Ontario Mushrooms

I was just looking at the stats for this blog and I could not help but notice that many of the visitors here came looking for information about foraging for wild mushrooms or cooking wild mushrooms. There have been searches for edible mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms,… Read More

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Lobsters? Not yet.

Each year as the weather warms and people start thinking about foraging for wild mushrooms, 27th Street gets quite a few visits from people searching for this or that variety of mushroom. Over the past couple weeks for instance, there was quite a bit of… Read More

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Search terms

Several people have somehow or another landed on this piece of cyber-real estate, the land of milk and honey, if you will….after searching: where to find morels in Southern Ontario. My response: what’s a morel?