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One sad bolete

This has been a tough year for mushroom hounds in the Toronto area. There simply has not been enough rain to fruit quantities of mushrooms. Recently we have had a couple rains, and though they haven’t been the kind of two-day soakers I was hoping… Read More

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The River

I’ve been thinking a lot about the river lately. When I say the river, I mean the river I always just called the river because it was a go-to haunt for me for so long. It has a number of stretches, if I can call… Read More

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I grew up in a fishing family. I would like to say that I can’t remember not fishing but it wouldn’t quite be true. I do remember my father giving me my first rod and reel. I remember the reel was a blue spinning reel… Read More

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The irises in our front garden come from my brother Salvelinas’ garden. They’re really beautiful this year, especially the purple ones.  

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My brother the trout, Salvelinas Fontinalis, reports that the first morel of the year has been found near Knoxville. As we get into spring, they’ll be found further and further north and should start appearing near Anchovy Town some time in May. This is a… Read More