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Bánh Da Hải Sản

Wandering about looking for lunch, I saw a few Vietnamese diners enjoying a beautiful looking seafood soup with thick brownish noodles. I decided to stop for a bowl. This little street food place appeared to be a 2 woman operation, one assembling bowls of soup… Read More

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Comfort Food

Pea Soup Tuffy P and I took the dogs out to one of the York Regional Forests this afternoon and we all enjoyed an invigorating hike. Some comfort food was called for. I made pea soup and skillet cornbread. Here’s how I made the pea… Read More

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The shot above shows oyster mushrooms on a dead tree in the woods. As you can see, they’re pretty high up. I found a long sapling on the forest floor and used it to knock some of them down. I only found three trees with… Read More