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The shot above shows oyster mushrooms on a dead tree in the woods. As you can see, they’re pretty high up. I found a long sapling on the forest floor and used it to knock some of them down. I only found three trees with fresh oysters today, but you get quite a bounty from each tree…if you can reach the treasure.

Morel season is supposed to be over around these parts, but this one obviously didn’t get the memo.

Nature was generous to me today as you can see. I gave some away, cooked some up and I have a full dehydrator drying lots for later.

I gave some oysters to Finny’s Friend, who cooked them up right away…

Here’s his recipe for this tasty soup:

3 x 750 ml home made turkey broth
1 red pepper julienned
1 750 ml box fresh Oyster mushrooms julienned
1 large egg beaten in water and dropped in boiling soup
90 ml cornstarch, 15 ml soya sauce, 75 ml vinegar to make a paste
125 grams soba Japanese noodles crumbled in 1/5 lengths
30 ml sambal oleak chili paste with garlic
5 ml hot chili oil
I pkg commercial vegetarian frozen won tons
to be added tomorrow
4 baby bok choi chopped
1 whole block of extra firm tofu diced.
makes 5 or 6 liters

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