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Sunday morning in the front garden

The girls relax


The new garden is coming along. The larger perennials will take some time to establish their presence as will the shrubs – the dogwood and the two hydrangeas. The clematis will fill up that trellis and add some height. For now, I’ve plugged some holes with some colourful annuals.

These shots were taken in the morning and you can really see the morning shade in some of them. Right now we get a lot of afternoon sun, but once the locust, which is north of the main front garden, comes fully into leaf, some of that sun will disappear.


  1. sp

    Great photos. The garden is beautiful! It’s going to be stunning when it all fills in.

    • Thanks. It’s going to take a while before the shrubs get shrubby and the perennials grow up and nudge one another, but the potential is there. The beauty of a garden is that each year its character matures. Some things don’t work and disappear. Others assert themselves. A few surprises emerge. I’d like to create one more garden this year, in the back yard, but I think it will be fall before I get around to it.

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