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I understand the airline industry is after some compensation because they couldn’t fly with all the volcanic ash in the air. That tells me that if the regulatory people didn’t stop them, they would happily have sent plane-loads of people up in that crap. Now… Read More

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When it rains it freezes…

For the Toronto Transit Commission, it seems when it rains it freezes. After the transit union took a very positive step, organizing a series of town-halls, and apologizing profusely for poor customer service, another serious incident has taken place. All the news outlets have reported… Read More

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Check out this post over at Garden Rant about the successful campaign to have TruGreen (formerly Chemlawn) dropped as a sponsor of Earth Day. I guess today even chemical companies want to be branded green, even if they aren’t. Green marketing is blossoming. It isn’t… Read More

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Coyotes in the City

Lots of people in Toronto would like the City to “do something” about the marked increase in coyote sightings and contact in the Toronto area. Noise about this got louder recently after a coyote snatched one of a Pickering resident’s Pomeranians. Residents can’t have it… Read More

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900 more Tim’s?

The Tim Horton’s empire is planning to add another 900 outlets. For those not living in Canada, it seems as if some cities have Tim Horton’s on just about every corner. This includes drive-through locations galore. I wonder if they will reach a saturation point.… Read More