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I just read Sidetracked, one of Henning Mankell’s Wallander mysteries. At the same time, we’re watching some of the BBC productions of Mankell’s books starring Kenneth Branagh. Wallander is a frustrating character, stumbling through his messed up personal life, obsessed with the murder he’s trying… Read More

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Bye Bye Cable

I canceled our cable tv today. For years we were good with rabbit ears, but when we moved to Long Branch we decided to try out cable. We get loads and loads of channels but very little programming that really interests us. I suggested to… Read More

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Boardwalk Empire and The Dark Knight We didn’t see Boardwalk Empire’s first season during its run, but watched it on DVD after, finishing up the other night. I imagine most readers of this blog are more than familiar with the show and many have been… Read More

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We didn’t see Treme when it started as a TV series but we forked up some Canadianos for the DVD of the first season as soon as it became available. A number of actors who have worked with David Simon previously on shows such as… Read More

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A Dog Year

Tuffy P brought this one home from the video store. It’s an HBO production starring Jeff Bridges and a dog. Has to be good, right? Well, let’s say it was OK as far as it went. It was kind of like a pilot for a… Read More