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After all the rain, I expected to collect buckets of tasty edible wild mushrooms today. Arriving at my first spot, I discovered to my dismay that the local bureaucrats had declared the only reasonable access to the forest to be NO PARKING. On the other… Read More

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Rain Please

July of this year, much like July of last year, has been a poor month for mushroom hounds in these parts. Why? It’s been way too dry. Buoyed by a little bit of rain that fell on the Enchanted Mushroom Forest a few days ago,… Read More

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A Prediction I Like

The Weather Network has predicted normal summer temperatures this year, but in the Toronto area, higher than normal precipitation. This is good news for the amateur mycologists in the crowd. Last season started off well enough with plenty of morels and plenty of oysters but… Read More

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Seek and ye shall find

Somebody entered the phrase “chanterelle mushrooms in July near Toronto” into a search engine and landed on 27th Street. Let me ease your troubled mind, my friend. The answer is, well maybe, if we get some rain this year (and you can find them).

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In the Woods

I took Friday off work and headed up to the secret enchanted mushroom forests to do some foraging. I didn’t have high expectations because the rain we received mid-week wasn’t nearly enough to encourage a good flush of tasty edibles. However, wandering around a forest… Read More

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I laid today’s bounty out on a table on the deck. There are some different species of boletes, two types of chanterelles, hedgehogs, and lobsters. I gave away quite a few, I have a lot in the dehydrator, and I made some soup tonight. The… Read More

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This morning’s rain was a welcome relief, breaking a few days of intense heat. The rain felt good. The dogs seemed to respond too with more energy and appetite too. This evening Ellie Mae barked with joy as Tuffy P  served up her dinner. I… Read More