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Look what I found… These are Allium tricoccum, also known as ramps or wild leeks. They’re a perenniel wild onion with a garlic-like smell and quite a strong flavour. The ones in the photo have a lot of soil still around most of the bulbs… Read More

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Shrinking the problem

People who know I forage for mushrooms almost always comment about the possibility of accidentally eating poisonous mushrooms and the impossibility of identifying everything out there. In fact, many if not most of the mushrooms I see in the woods I can’t identify. I can… Read More

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In the Forest

I’ve been looking for morels with no success. Looks like they are later than usual this year. Maybe after a weekend of rain there will be more around. Today, I took a drive up to a forest I forage in during the summer. All I… Read More

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Bad Reaction

Someone found my blog by searching “had a bad reaction from eating chanterelles”, and I thought this deserved a comment. Chanterelles are by all accounts one of the safest edible wild mushrooms. However, some people suffer allergic reactions to all wild mushrooms. My first question… Read More

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So Sad

I was out in the woods today and found plenty of trees with oyster mushrooms. Unfortunately, they were all too far gone to pick. I had hoped there would have been a new fruiting with all the rain we’ve had, but all the oysters I… Read More

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The Morel of the Story

I started foraging for mushrooms last year, sometime after morel season, so this will be the first year I’ll be out there looking for those strange brain-like mushrooms. Yesterday after work, I took the dogs out for a little field trip to see if perhaps… Read More