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Out for dinner with friends….

We enjoyed dinner out tonight with friends at Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant in the former Etobicoke, just a 10 minute drive north of where we live. It turned out to be an early birthday celebration for Tuffy P, whose birthday is actually this coming Sunday.… Read More

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Caption this…

Great to see Candy and Stagg tonight! Great dinner at 850 Degrees¬† here in Long Branch. The photo in this post is Stagg with Tuffy P in our kitchen….making coffee….but other captions are possible.

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Paska Wars

As we were busy making paska today, friends in Mississauga texted to say they were making it too….and the paska wars were on. Long Branch vs Mississauga. Tuffy P drove our entry west out of Long Branch to the exchange, a parking lot at Southdown… Read More

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Hot Hot Hot

My friend Arno came by today with a basket of beautiful habaneros from his garden. I’ll be slicing these in half and drying them in the handy dehydrator I also use for drying wild mushrooms. Then I’ll grind them up in a coffee grinder. Arno… Read More

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Chagall today

Off to the Marc Chagall exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario today. The show closes on the 15th, so I’m meeting up with my old friend Tim today to catch the show and catch up. Tim and I know one another going back to… Read More

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In the Woods

I took Friday off work and headed up to the secret enchanted mushroom forests to do some foraging. I didn’t have high expectations because the rain we received mid-week wasn’t nearly enough to encourage a good flush of tasty edibles. However, wandering around a forest… Read More