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Isolation Comfort Food

OK so the world is topsy-turvy and most of us are home, avoiding other humans, hoping this nasty virus would just take a hike. The Agency Podcast wants to know, are there any special comfort foods that get you through stressful times? We’d love it… Read More

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Chard and White Bean Stew

Dinner tonight… Chard and White Bean Stew Clean up and chop up a healthy quantity of swiss chard, and toss it in some boiling water for a minute. Then drain the water. Chop up… Shallots Garlic Celery Carrots Fresh thyme if you’ve got it (substituting… Read More

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The shot above shows oyster mushrooms on a dead tree in the woods. As you can see, they’re pretty high up. I found a long sapling on the forest floor and used it to knock some of them down. I only found three trees with… Read More

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Emergency Measures

The head cold I have just won’t quit. Tuffy P and I should have bought stock in a tissue company because we’ve increased sales significantly. Normally I would treat a head cold with medicinal doses of very good scotch. My theory is that without scotch,… Read More

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Chicken and Squash Stew

Sauté an onion in a Dutch oven. Add some chopped garlic. Chop up some butternut squash and toss it in. Chop up some fennel and add it in too. Add ancho chile powder, and a little cumin. Stir it up. Chop up a boneless chicken… Read More