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Big Circle

I traced a big circle by car.  I began by driving to Sarnia and crossing into Michigan. West to Flint, and on the I-75, straight north up the Lower Peninsula to the Mackinac (that’s Mackinaw) bridge and Upper Michigan. On the UP, I made a… Read More

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Road Trips

I was thinking today about some of the mad road trips I used to regularly take with my friend East Texas Red. It’s been a few years since we’ve done one of these together and as much as I loved every second of every one… Read More

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Down in America

I loaded up the Anchovy-mobile at the crack of dawn Tuesday and headed toward the Queenston-Lewiston bridge. My destination was an area of New York state defined by two towns and a river. I was off to chase trout. There was a time when I… Read More

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The Dog of the South

The Dog of the South by Charles Portis (1979) is a quest novel. Ray Midge’s wife Norma has run off with her ex-husband Dupree. They’ve taken Ray’s credit cards and his Grand Torino and they’ve headed south from Arkansas to Mexico and finally to Belize. … Read More

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Telephone Call from Istanbul

OK, not from Istanbul…but we did get a telephone call from Louisiana tonight from our pals Anthony and Candy, calling from a campground somewhere outside of New Orleans. How great to hear from them. We’ve been following the progress of their amazing road-trip on Candy’s… Read More