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South Etobicoke Creek

  I took the dogs over to the leash-free park at South Etobicoke Creek this afternoon. It was a little muddy in parts but it was possible to walk around the soft spots. Memphis got a bunch of burrs tangled up in her tail. The… Read More

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Missed the Storm

After I came home from work today, I fed the beasts and then thought, hey I feel really tired, maybe I’ll just have a wee nap, just close my eyes for a few minutes. Tuffy P was up in Richmond Hill visiting with her dad.… Read More

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This post about Ferropolis comes to you courtesy of The Presurfer. The Presurfer is a blog run by Gerard Vlemmings. I’ve been checking in there fairly regularly for several years. I enjoy it because you never know what you’re going to see over there. Ferropolis… Read More

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A long-eared owl was photographed in Sam Smith Park the other day. Check it out at Friends of Sam Smith Park. For those not from these parts, we have two major parks near Long Branch where I live. As you go east, Colonel Sam Smith… Read More

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The Morel of the Story

At some point this month I think it is reasonable for us to expect black morels to make their appearance in Southern Ontario, followed by yellow morels. In fact there have already been some vague reports of early black morels showing up not far from… Read More

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The New Math

This is the time a year when calculations start. Pundits are calculating when the Leafs will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. They fooled some folks along the way this year by winning some games, but now they’re back to true form. In a time… Read More

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Tuffy P – AKA Sheila Gregory – has work in an art exhibition that opened today at the Doris McCarthy Gallery (University of Toronto Scarborough Campus). The exhibition is called The “C” Word – A Look at the Role of Craft in Contemporary Art, guest… Read More