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I decided to take a quick look this morning at the Enchanted Mushroom Forest to see if anything had started happening after the rain. The short answer is that there were a few tasty edibles around and the forest was good and wet. I found enough hedgehog mushrooms and lobster mushrooms for a couple dinners.

The hedgehogs are unusual in that they have teeth instead of gills or pores under the cap. They’re firm and tasty. Keep in mind though, that I don’t recommend eating any wild mushrooms….if you go and poison yourself because you mis-identify something, remember I warned you.

Look at the intense colour on this Hypomyces lactifluorum (lobster mushoom)!


  1. Roland

    Thanks, I was looking to identify one of these (Lobster) mushrooms. Now I know it’s safe to eat. My first, yippy!

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