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The Nite Owl

Here in Long Branch we’re fortunate to have a really fantastic barber shop called The Nite Owl. Brian Hurson and the gang at Nite Owl have been cutting my hair since I was hobbling about on crutches after breaking my ankle a couple years ago.… Read More

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A local history curiosity

Tuffy P was at a show of vintage paper items the other day and came home with a cardboard fan celebrating Campbell’s Tomato Soup, but more specifically, the tomato soup coming from the New Toronto plant at 60 Birmingham. Campbell’s opened at this location in… Read More

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The Partners and I were ready for our evening walk. Leashes on. Pockets loaded up with poo-bags and dog treats. I opened the front wood door and saw a face looking in, a cat face. This was a black and white cat, a spitting image… Read More

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Down the street….

Sometimes, when frustrated by the development gold rush in Long Branch, I have to remind myself how fortunate we are to live so close to fantastic spots like Sam Smith Park. Yesterday we took The Partners for a long walk by the lake…. There is… Read More

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A Long Day in Long Branch

The construction on lower Twenty Seventh Street was overwhelming today. There were an unbelievable number of construction vehicles around, equipment and materials everywhere, and a tremendous amount of noise and dust. This morning, the tree protection was removed from the spruce tree at #4. I… Read More