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Theatre and BBQ

Our friend Toni is in town (yay!), and Tuffy P was prepared with tickets to the latest production at the Coal Mine Theatre, called Orphans. It was a very intense play, but very well done and the theatre is charming with its seats set up… Read More

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Family BBQ

We had a wonderful time yesterday hosting a bbq with many family (and one honourary family member) on both sides over for an evening of good cheer and conversation (as well as loads of good food and drink). I didn’t take any photos, but Sheila… Read More

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In the Woods

I took Friday off work and headed up to the secret enchanted mushroom forests to do some foraging. I didn’t have high expectations because the rain we received mid-week wasn’t nearly enough to encourage a good flush of tasty edibles. However, wandering around a forest… Read More

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Litmus test

Sometime this afternoon I realized, after thinking about BBQ, that I must be recovering very well from my bout with whatever nasty ailment dumped me on my butt for two days.

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Lake Anchovy has drained away. The snow is gone. Today was beautiful. I hereby  declare bbq season open at Anchovy World Headquarters. I took the winter cover off our Green Egg, found the charcoal chimney I had stashed in the shed back in the fall,… Read More

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Emergency Measures

The head cold I have just won’t quit. Tuffy P and I should have bought stock in a tissue company because we’ve increased sales significantly. Normally I would treat a head cold with medicinal doses of very good scotch. My theory is that without scotch,… Read More