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Turtle Lake

…continued from previous post: Limberlost Reserve… The Turtle Lake West Trail becomes the Turtle Lake East Trail when you cross the stream by a lovely cedar bridge.
There are actually two of them, but one is blocked off with some ribbon, which I took to mean it was not safe to cross. This one was fine, sturdier than I expected.

The character of the trail along the lake changed as we got into some basswood forest. There was remarkably little undergrowth on the hill to our right and the soil seemed rich and loamy. Oh, and there were plenty of mushrooms along the way.
The focus is all wrong on this shot, but it’s such an interesting little bolete that I thought I’d include it. Thank you for being gentle with your photography criticism. I found interesting mushrooms most of the way along this side of the lake. Eventually we came to the narrows between Turtle and Clear lakes and another interesting bridge.
Part of this bridge is right at water level. Behind Memphis, a section of the bridge is actually out, replaced by two boards. Still, it was reasonably easy for me and the dogs to make it across without getting wet. Beyond this point, there is a steep hill, and then we were back at the car. The whole hike was around 5 miles, and was one of the loveliest hikes I’ve made in some time. In other posts, I’ll show you pictures of some of the mushrooms I found along the way.


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